Puppy Bowl 2022 Live Stream

Puppy Bowl 2022 At A Glance

People of the United States are having a very special day with some breathtaking moments in February every year.On that day, Nothing is important and no business is more profitable than the show. The show is nothing but the mimics of American soccer using a number of adorable puppies,  the Puppy Bowl.

How to Watch Puppy Bowl 2022 Live Stream

 The Puppy Bowl is not just for entertaining people around the world, The intrinsic purpose of the show is to raise awareness about endangered pets globally and rescue abandoned animals.

The first Puppy Bowl was aired on February 6, 2005. Since then,  Animal Planet is becoming more popular because of exhibiting hundreds of lovable doggies and their thrilling performances.

So if you are waiting for something really crazy and astonishing, then you are at the right stoppage. This article will demonstrate every single step and way of “How to watch the Puppy Bowl 2022 live stream” 

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When and where does  Puppy Bowl 2022 start?

Sunday, February 13, 2022, The Puppy Bowl XVIII  will be telecast on Animal Planet.  The main attraction of this season is,  70 adorable puppies from Several rescue organizations will participate in two teams. 

Normally the Puppy Bowl starts with a “tall” gate program show At 2 p.m. ET  before the main event Kicks off at 3 p.m. ET. 

When : Sunday, February 13, 2022
Tv Channel : Animal Planet
Live Stream : Watch Here Free HD

Most valuable puppy from the very beginning of the show

Puppy Bowl I

Max, a Jack Russell Terrier

Puppy Bowl II

Monseigneur Jacques, a French Poodle

Puppy Bowl III

Bomber, a Samoyed

Puppy Bowl IV

Abigail, a Jack Russell Terrier

Puppy Bowl V

Matilda, a Beagle

Puppy Bowl VI

Jake, a Chihuahua/Pug Mix

Puppy Bowl VII

CB, a Shih Tzu/Terrier Mix

Puppy Bowl VIII

Fumble, a Terrier Mix

Puppy Bowl IX

Fitz, a Catahoula Mix

Puppy Bowl X

Loren, a Brittany

Puppy Bowl XI

Henry, a Lab Mix

Puppy Bowl XII

Star, a Chow Chow Mix

Puppy Bowl XIII

Rory, a Poodle Mix

Puppy Bowl XIV

Bear, a Pit Bull/Foxhound Mix

Puppy Bowl XV

Bumble, a Lab/Chow Chow Mix

Puppy Bowl XVI

Gina, a Lab/Chow Chow Mix

Puppy Bowl

XVII Marshall, a Boston Terrier

Puppy Bowl


How to watch a Puppy Bowl 2022 live?

Animal Planet,  one of the members of the Discovery Channel family reserves the copyright to telecast Puppy Bowl every year,  hosted by the TV celebrity Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg. There is a great opportunity  for Puppy Bowl lovers is to use a 7-day trial offer for DiscoveryPlus.com

But if you think, You will require alternative options to enjoy the show because you have a hectic schedule or you will be staying outside the territories of the United States on that particular day. No worries,  there are lots of flexible online and social media plans that are presented below just for you.

Except Animal Planet there are some other TV channels That may broadcast the Puppy Bowl 2022. These are:

Fubo TV

Offers a week free trial and you can access a maximum of 120 channels during the trial period. So this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy your favorite show on Fubo TV. After the trial period, you have to pay $65 for a month and you will have access to 123 streaming channels. 

Through Fubo TV You can watch this favorite show from  Canada And Australia also.

Hulu Plus live TV

plan Also offers one week trial period for all of its customers. So you can take the maximum advantage of this opportunity by enjoying the Puppy Bowl 2022.

Watch With Fubo Tv

You have to pay $65 for a month and you will have access to 123 streaming channels. 

Watch With ExpressVpn

Expressvpn is highly recommended globally for this type of service. You just need to download and install the software then change the location as the program will broadcast from the USA. 

Watch With Prime Video

if you want you can purchase the whole season at a time. Amazon will charge you $2.99 for an episode and $5.99 entire season.

How to watch a Puppy Bowl 2022 live streaming on social media?

If you want to  avoid the complexity of several TV channels or  if you’d like to  go for the easiest medium to enjoy your favorite show,  I would recommend you to stay connected with the following social media:


Puppy Bowl is a highly expecting and viewed program around the world. So if you stay connected at that particular time of telecasting the Puppy Bowl 2022, There is a high possibility of having live streaming from someone on your friend list.

Not just this program but also for any sort of entertainment,  Facebook is always considered one of the highly reliable sources. There are new features in Facebook which are specially designed for watching videos.

 By the way,  if you find the video of the show,  you just please share this video because there are some other people on your friend list who will be very much happier to see this.


This is another most popular and highly effective service for watching recorded videos. Most probably within an hour after broadcasting the Puppy Bowl 2022  you will have your favorite show your hand.

Undoubtedly the highly affectionate and lovable puppies of the program will be searching on YouTube at that moment. So there is a very high chance of having the program just after uploading into there. 

I would recommend you to download the video first and then enjoy the show because there are some issues for which YouTube sometimes removes their uploaded videos.


Twitter is considered a less popular social media platform in comparison to Facebook and YouTube. This is actually for a special class of people or somebody who wants to make themself quite different from others.

There must be someone who will share this live streaming on their Twitter page. You can Enjoy the Puppy Bowl 2022  easily if you have a Twitter account.


This is also famous for having uploaded videos. Like Facebook, there is a great possibility to find the recorded video after the program. 

So, if you want to enjoy the Puppy Bowl 2022, also keep eye on your Instagram account and hopefully you will not be disappointed. 

How to watch a Puppy Bowl 2022 live streaming using Expressvpn?

VPNs are used for special cases; the broadcasting Channel may be restricted in your area or If you want to hide your IP addresses etc. In these circumstances, VPNs provide you a  trusted and uninterrupted services.

Expressvpn is highly recommended globally for this type of service. You just need to download and install the software then change the location as the program will broadcast from the USA. 

Express VPN offers super service to all of its customers including high speed, Trusted security,  evading censorship, and customer support. If budget is not a big deal,  then there is no such software like expressvpn which can ensure you the maximum support from anywhere in the world.

Step 1

puppy bowl 2022 liveSubscribe to ExpressVPN and download the app on your device

Step 2 puppy bowl 2022

Connect to a server location where you can watch your sports.

Step 3 puppy bowll 2022 live online

Choose a streaming service and connect. to watch your sports from anywhere!

Watch Puppy Bowl 2022 Live Stream With ExpressVpn

How to watch a puppy bowl 2022 from Amazon Prime?

This is another very reliable source of collecting all the videos of the Puppy Bowl.  so if you think you’d like to purchase all the episodes or seasons from amazon.com. you can do it so promptly.

Just google amazon.com,  go to prime videos, and select your payment options. You can purchase a single episode and if you want you can purchase the whole season at a time. Amazon will charge you $2.99 for an episode and $5.99 entire season.

Hopefully, after 13 February 2022,  you will have the latest HD version episode of  Puppy Bowl. 

Final words

There are two aspects of enjoying the Puppy Bowl programs every year. One, enjoying it for yourself. Which may ensure some quality time,  excitement,  thrilling and happiness. But the most important aspect of enjoying this Puppy Bowl show is, you are indirectly raising your voice against injustice with pets.  By doing this you are ensuring a  secured and playful life for all the pets.
So watching the Puppy Bowl 2022 is now a great job. And this article will definitely assist you to have your flexible plans to enjoy your favorite shows like Puppy Bowl.

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